We Buy Gold

Why wait another day?

to take that vacation or buy that new furniture for you house. Your jewelry box is holding a load of cash that just looks like a bunch of broken old or sentimental pieces

We have been giving cash for gold, silver, platinum, for 45 years at Venus Creations Jewelers.

We buy Gold, Silver, Platinum Diamonds, Dental Gold, Diamond, Watches, Coins, and more.

We understand that selling your jewelry can be an emotional experience.
We find customer experiences can range from being sensitive and confused to excited and exhilarating about selling their jewelry.

Our Commitment to you is to assure that you are comfortable, and informed about this process. And you receive a fair price for your pieces.

Our Steps

1. We sit with you and exam your pieces

2. We Check the stampings on the metal to see what the metal content and percentages for Gold, Sterling Silver, and Platinum.

Marks are usually stamped on the jewel when manufactured identifying the purity and content of the metal:

Yellow and white gold may have the following marks stamped on the piece. Both numbered marks or kt stamps represent a unit of purity for gold. The higher the kt or number the higher percentage of gold in the piece.

Note: These numbers do not represent metal weight.

10 kt = 41.7% Markings 417
14 kt = 58.5% Marking 585 .
18kt = 75.0% Marking 750
22 kt = 91.6% Marking 916
24 kt = 99.9% Marking 999
Sterling Silver – Stamp markings 925 or the words sterling silver
Platinum – Stamp markings will say 900 or 950 representing the purity of the piece

3. We test the purity, and value by hand testing the metals with nitric acid.

4. We then weigh the metal. To determine the value of the metal.
Note: The precious metal scales we use are certified by The New Jersey department of weights and measures.They are Certified tested and sealed yearly for accurately.

5. We provide you with an offer at no charge and no obligation to sell.

6. We offer immediate payment

7. Best value for your jewelry and watches

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