Pearl String, Restringing, Redesign

Reasons to string pearls

• Pearl Restringing is done to tighten an older or frequently wore pearl strand

• Repair a Damaged or broken strand​​

• Redesign and Restyle your strand into a new unique and updated design

• Add a Diamond or Gold Clasp

• Reconfigure your long pearl strand into a shorter necklace, bracelet and earrings

Is it time to re-knot your pearls?

After a while pearl necklaces and bracelets start to stretch out. The pearls will start to wiggle between the knots. The fine silk will get soiled and the entire piece of jewelry will lose its luster.

It is important to carefully handle them with with skill and delicacy. We have highly trained personnel to ensure quality knotting that will last.

Transform Outdated Styles

Pearls last generations; styles change so restyling outdated pearls to a new design is a great solution

When to Restring

• Pearls strands that are worn regularly should be restrung every year.

• If you only wear your pearls for special occasions, you will be able to go longer between restringing.

• The anatomy of a string of pearls: the knots between protect the pearls. If they loosen, the pearls can rub together and slowly wear. Also, dirt easily collects in the knotted silk be amazed at how fresh and new your pearls look in a new knotted necklace.
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