Ring Mounting and Settings

Ring Mounting and Settings
Bezel Ring Anatomy
Here's what you'll need to know about mountings and settings before looking for Engagement Rings.

Mountings and Settings are not the same thing.
While the terms are often used interchangeably, they refer to very different things. Mounting is the part of the ring that holds the center stone and is the focal point of the ring. The Setting refers to the design elements of the overall ring.

3 Things to Consider when choosing a Mounting

• The Attachment Point: Find a mount that securely attaches the stone to the ring but is sized appropriately to not overshadow the diamond.

• The Metal: Because engagement rings and wedding bands are worn daily, it is important to choose a metal that can withstand daily wear. Choose a strong metal with a color that reflects well on the stone.

• The Light: Diamonds are most beautiful when light can reflect into the stone. Elevated mounts allow diamonds to shine brilliantly. A more shrouded mount may be desired to minimize a diamonds flaws in a lower quality stone.

Prong Setting
This setting features prongs that hold the center stone or stones in place usually rising up to grasp the diamond like a claw.
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