Repairing Your Ring Jewelry

  • Ring Sizing Resizing
  • Prong Repair
  • Head Replacement
  • Shank Repair /Shank Replacement
  • Ring Polishing
  • Rhodium Plaiting
  • Ring Cleaning

Ring Facts

Of all types of jewelry, Rings are the most repaired.

Believe it or not normal daily activities can compromise the structural integrity of your precious piece

Harsh chemicals such soap, cleaning products, chlorinated water can cause pitting to metal and discoloration.

Sleeping, getting ready for the day, and just food shopping can cause excessive wear and tear or damage to your ring.

Here's a challenge for you count how many time you bang your ring while just packing grocery from the store and loading them in your car.

Making a Ring Smaller or Larger

Ring Repairs1. Stretching or Shrinking the metal can only be done with a i.e. a plain ring that is the same thickness and width all the way with no stones

2. Reduce or add medal to the ring to change the size. This is primarily done when a ring has stones in it and it has different widths

3. Sizing Assistants: There are items to help keep a ring from twisting or spinning on your finger.

Head Replacement

Ring RepairsWhat is it: A Head is the part of the ring that holds the Gem Stone or Diamond in place.

It is made up of a metal base and prongs.

A head can have any where between 4 to 6 Prongs.

The prongs hold the Main stone in Place.

Head replacement is necessary when the prongs are worn, the head is cracked, or grooves are made in the ring that weakens the head structure. For example: your wedding band rubs against it!

Prong Repair – needed because of daily wear & tear that degrades ring structure

Prongs are the top part of a ring Head that secures the Diamond or Gemstone in place

Prong Re-building/ Re-tipping: is the process of rebuilding thinning, wore out, broken, flattered, frail, brittle or loose prongs. The rebuilding process is done by carefully adding the (same metal i.e. gold platinum etc) to repair the length and/or thickness of the prong tips. This process will secure the main Diamond or Gemstone.

Ring Repairs

Shank Repair/Replacement

A shank is the part of a ring that rests underneath the finger and meets the main part of the design on top. If you notice a thinning on the sides or bottom of the ring it could be that the shank is worn or broken. Soldering is done when a shank is creaked or worn through to repair it.

Ring Cleaning

Ring Repairs1. Steaming: Because steaming does not us any chemicals or solutions it is a safe and effective methods

2. Ultrasonic: ultrasonic vibrations in liquid to break down the dirt particles accumulated on the surface of your jewelry

3. Ring Polishing and Buffing: Using a variety of wheels and compounds to remove very fine scratches gradually, and smooth and brighten a ring

4. Ring Refinishing: Rhodium is a silver white hard metal. When applied to White Gold or Silver it will increase luster, durability and shine Rhodium plating helps promote scratch resistance and will delay silver from tarnishing. It is also hypoallergenic because it is nickel free.
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