Ring Services

  • Ring Sizing
  • Prong Repair
  • Head Replacement
  • Shank Repair / Replacement
  • Ring Polishing
  • Rhodium Plating
  • Ring Cleaning

Did you know?

 • Rings are the most frequently repaired type of jewelry

 • Normal daily activities such as sleeping, getting ready, shopping, and cleaning can lead to excessive wear

 • Harsh chemicals such as soaps, cleaning products, and chlorinated water can cause pitting and discoloration to metal

 • Rough tips can catch on surfaces and clothing causing stones to become loose or fall out entirely

 • Low, worn tips can compromise the structural integrity of your precious pieces

 • Individual body chemistry can affect how often rings need to be plated/refinished; especially in white gold pieces

 • Most jewelers recommend checking your jewelry every 6-8 months to prevent stone loss

Here's a challenge for you: count how many times you hit your ring while simply loading groceries into your car.

How It's Done: Making a Ring Smaller or Larger

Ring RepairsStretching or shrinking the metal can only be done with plain rings that are the same thickness and width all the way around with no stones.

Rings with stones or graduated widths necessitate adding or removing material in order to size.

Sizing assistants are a great solution if your size fluctuates frequently, or to keep a ring from spinning on your finger.

Head Replacement

Ring RepairsThe head is the part of the ring that holds the gemstone or diamond in place. It is made up of a metal base and prongs. A head can have between 4 to 6 prongs; these prongs hold the main stone in place.

When and why should you do it?

Head replacement is necessary when the prongs are worn, the head is cracked, or grooves are made in the ring that weakens the head structure.

Prong Repair

Prongs are the top part of a ring head that secures the diamond or gemstone in place. When these wear down they need to be re-tipped; if they become bent or broken they may need to be replaced.

Prong re-building/re-tipping is the process of reinforcing or reconstructing thinning, worn out, broken, flattened, brittle or loose prongs. This process is done by carefully adding metal to repair the length and/or thickness of the prong tips; this will secure the main diamond or gemstone and prevent loss.

Ring Repairs

Shank Repair/Replacement

The shank is the part of a ring that rests underneath the finger and meets the main part of the design on top. If you notice a thinning on the sides or bottom of the ring it could be that the shank is worn or broken. Soldering is done when this band is cracked or worn through to repair it; if a shank is severely damaged it may require replacing with a fresh piece of metal.

Ring Cleaning

Ring RepairsWe offer graduated levels of ring cleaning.

 • Steaming is a safe, effective method of removing light dirt accumulation and restoring sheen to stones without using chemicals.

 • Ultrasonic cleaning utilizes vibrations and a gentle cleansing liquid to break down hardened dirt particles accumulated on the surface of your jewelry.

 • Polishing and buffing uses avariety of wheels and compounds to gradually remove very fine scratches to smooth and brighten a ring.

 • Refinishing is a process of plating white gold or silver with rhodium, a white hard metal that increases durability and luster. It is hypoallergenic because it is nickel free, and promotes scratch resistance.
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